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Juno Janssen established on 25th September 2015. Thanks to mom, Herbert, Mr.Peter Janssen for supported.

NAP Nimman Soi1 2015 was our first event. It was fun and full of excitements. Thanks to Ravie of ToDyeFor by Kanjana.

K Village Farmer's Market, Sukhumvit 26. Jacky was hugging me so tight<3

Matoom Art Space and my tiny first product showcase. Thank you so much for your kind heart, thanks for gave me a chance.

All kinds of cool hand made art, knick knacks and jewelry, bought a really cool key holder for the wall. Had craft beers and smoothies, all kinds of fun stuff.

What a fun and artistic event! "Made By Legacy"

Second product show case at Pai Island Resort. ขอขอบคุณพี่จิ๋มที่กรุณาแนะนำและให้พื้นที่ ขอบคุณคุณจิ๋มและเอย

First success, Young Designer Showcase in Chiang Mai Design Week 2016. Such a wonderful sensation.

can't forget! Pop Market, Chiang MAi Design Week 2016.

The elegant Raming Tea House Siam Celadon, Chiangmai. The collaboration of Juno Janssen and Cotton Farm. Also thie is the 4th product showcase :-D started in Febuary 2017.

ChangChuiBangkok creative art space grand opening on 10 Febuary 2017
Art Gallery / Theatre / Cinema / Co-working Space / Cafe&Restaurant / Design Studio / Exotic Garden / Vintage Barber / Private Museum / Thailand Showcase / Music Store / Book Store / Tea House / Creative Shop / Fashion

16-19 Febuary 2017
Live . Love . Wonder


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